Wow just look at what we can achieve…

Just a few of the fantastic Advent Wreaths created by those that ordered the kits. The kits were kindly donated and they don’t want any thanks or a mention but I’d like to say a huge thank you – you helped us to create this. 🙂

The Advent Wreath

How to make one.

Use your imagination and creativity – Make it the size you want it and the height you want it.

You can re-cycle things you already have or go and find things.

The basics are four candles round a circle and a fifth candle in the middle. Normally the outer candles are red or purple but you can decorate them or paint them that way if you only have white candles or tealights.

Traditionally the centre candle is different and white – it can be bigger or it can be raised up a bit, or it could be yellow or gold if the outer candles are white.

The four candles are lit in stages – the first is lit on the first Sunday of Advent, then two are lit the next Sunday, three on the third Sunday (Dec 13th) and all four in the ring are lit on the fourth Sunday. And on Christmas Day we light all four round the edge AND the one in the middle.

We will provide a reading and a prayer which you can use as you light each one. You’ll find them on the website and they will be on Facebook for each week. This year we are going to use the themes of Faith, Hope, Peace, Joy for the four weeks and then Love for Christmas Day. We hope this will encourage us to spend time together and reflecting on the Christmas message.

  • You might want to rest your candles in a metal or wire frame, or you can be more freestyle and have a rough circle using ivy and twigs and holly and twisting it, with space for your candles.
  • You might want to name your candles / write on each, for the theme of the week.
  • You might want to find some slate or something you can write the theme on and put it beside each candle.
  • You might build the whole wreath in one go, or you might want to add to each section each week.

We would remind you that we would like the wreath to be at the heart of the house for Advent and Christmas so don’t make it too big so it gets in the way! But make it so it is how you would like it and remember that we are doing it as we prepare for Christmas and the gift of God to us.

We think that the themes of:

  • Faith (in a time when we are uncertain, and many are unsure of God),
  • Hope (when the year has been rather bleak, and many are despairing),
  • Peace (when we are anxious, and the world is unsettled),
  • Joy (when we can feel down and we know many are dispirited) are important themes for this year.

We may not be able to GO to Church in the way we would like, but this year in particular we can prepare to let God COME to us, we can welcome God into our homes and discover He is with us.

We would love to see some pictures of your wreaths and also with the candles burning. Maybe someone can make a big outdoor Advent Wreath; Surely someone will come up with a different way – maybe up the side of the stairs 1,2,3,4 and then 5 for Christmas Day. It could be a straight line along a window sill if that is easier.

Order your Advent Wreath Making Kit by emailing [email protected]