APCM 2022 8th May

Our Annual Meetings – How can people get involved?

At the Annual Parish Meeting, the Parish elects the Church-Wardens. If you wish to stand please find the form below.  Please note the requirements on a Church-warden.

At the Annual Parochial Church Meeting which follows on directly, the members of the Electoral Roll elect members to the Deanery Synod – please find the form below if you wish to stand. They also elect members to the Parochial Church Council (PCC) – please find the form below if you wish to stand.

The nomination, proposing and seconding of people can be done by email – you do not have to physically sign and return a form – you can put yourself forward and ask your proposer and seconder to email their support. 

If you are wanting to stand, please seek a proposer and seconder, fill in the appropriate form and ask the proposer and seconder to email their support.

You should return the form. All emails – either confirming you are putting yourself forward or proposing or seconding should be marked “PCC” and sent to the PCC Secretary:

[email protected] copied to
[email protected] and [email protected]

In this way, we will be sure we have registered all who have put in or supported a nomination.

PCC Member Nomination

Church Warden Nomination

Deanery Synod Nomination

Electoral Roll Registration

The PCC has real responsibility and it is important that it is both helping lead the church and also listening to the needs of the church and the community we are a part of. It should help shape the mission of the churches and our ministry in the parish and also manage the assets and buildings responsibly.

Please note that a PCC member is essentially a Trustee of a Charity and so they do need to pass a ‘fit and proper person’ test – which can best be described by who cannot be a PCC member. There is a form that all new members will have to sign.

PCC members are also expected to do basic Safeguarding Training so they know what is required to ensure that a church, its ministers and its activities are safe.

Please do pray for the Church Council and for the Officers in what will be a testing year – and for those who will be stepping down, we offer our sincere thanks for their contributions.

Here is a definition of what the legislation means in reality. This is a summary from Liverpool Diocese which is quite helpful and clear.

What do these terms mean?

The problem is that the legislation doesn’t actually define a fit and proper person!

However, in general terms, a fit and proper person means someone who:

  • has not been involved in tax fraud, identity theft or any other kind of fraud
  • is not disqualified from acting as a charity trustee or company director

The fit and proper person requirement apply to all PCC members, who are the legal trustees, and to DCC members, who although they are not trustees are in reality managers of the church.  This also includes the clergy and anyone co-opted onto the PCC/DCC.

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Mission Statement

# We aspire to be a worshipping, growing and transforming Christian presence at the heart of our community

# With our partners we are committed to the flourishing of our Christian churches and our communities

# We seek to share the love of God with all, excluding no-one, responding to need and celebrating what is good

# Our core values which shape all our actions and activity are grace, mercy and peace

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