We still hope to have a Christingle 2020 service at St James Church at 4.30 pm on Sunday, December 6th (to be confirmed at end of new lockdown)

This year due to Covid we are going to do things differently to normal

  • everyone needs to make their own Christingle at home and bring it to the service 
  • we will provide a bag containing all the bits needed to make the Christingle apart from the orange and some sweets 
  • we will include some activity sheets for the children in each bag 
  • we would like to ask for a donation of £1 towards the costs for each bag 
  • we will deliver the bags from December 2nd (assuming restrictions are lifted)

Please let me know if you would like a (some) bags before November 30th; including how many bags,  your address and phone number: Email  [email protected]Text 07920027523

Yours Barbara Kenny