Easter Flowers – Beautifying our churches and remembering loved ones

Thank you to all who have contributed to the flowers this Easter, whether financially or by giving time to decorate.

Several have donated in memory of family or friends including…

Lynne & David Bonser remembers:                       Clare Thomas

Revd John Daulman remembers:                        family & friends

Edith Flitcroft remembers:                                 Martin & Jack Flitcroft

Margaret Forster remembers:                            family and friends

Sandra Glancy remembers:                                Richard & Edna Bragg

Pauline & John Kirk remembers:                           Evelyn Kirk, John Kirk, Ada Woodworth, Reg Woodworth, Wynne Hart

Nick & Liz Mallion remembers:                            John & Bee Mallion, Donald & Janet Watson

Jane & Richard Monks remembers:                      Doris, Leslie & Sally Haworth, Jack & Dora Monks

Kathleen & Albert Smith remembers:                   Family & Friends

Margaret & Eric Warburton remembers:              James & Hilda Almond, Fred & Annie Warburton, George & Marjorie Morris, Henry & Edna Fletcher, Gordon

LumbBill & Margaret Webb remembers:                      Arthur & Clara Webb, Bill & Joan Yates