From Sylvia James, written to fit with the tune “Brightest and best of the sons of the morning”

One night as sun was a-setting o’er western shores,

Moon was arising in far eastern scene,

Crowning the skies betwixt these celestial wonders

One star alone shed her soft, gentle beam.

Illuminating an old, lowly cattle shed, 

Poor, unappealing without and within;

‘Til earthly poverty became Heavenly riches:-

Angels alone knew the treasures therein.

Rich men from far lands and poor men from country near,

Saddened as sun’s rays set o’er western sea;

Soon joy returned as eastern moon rose yet higher,

Softly revealing the star’s mystery.

Treasures were offered of gold, frankincense and myrrh,

Small gifts were equal in sincerity.

There lay God’s only son so lowly and poor – yet

Rich in forgiveness and humility.

Lived He a poor, simple home life in Nazareth,

Finely accomplishing skilled carpentry.

Still – that for which He came and He knew was a-calling:-

So followed three years of pure ministry.

Yet came rejection by careless and cruel men;

Unloved by those He himself did so love.

Gave He His earthly life for man’s Life Eternal;

Rising to Glory in Heaven above.