St Maxentius Church
10 April 2020 Good Friday

As it’s not possible to join together for worship in church at this time this outline is designed to help you have a short time of worship in your home.

To prepare, choose a place where you can sit comfortably and if you wish, gather a few things that will help you create a sacred space. But today all you really need is a cross, unadorned, unlit, empty.


Good Friday needs no introduction: the most solemn day in the Christian year when we face the cross, the death of Christ.
In one sense that’s all, we need: a cross and ourselves, kneeling in prayer with the rest of the Christian world. This is what our worship today is built around: hearing again of the terrible events of that day, bringing ourselves to that place, and offering our deepest intercessions for our world.

Today there’s an added meaning to our not being able to share communion at this time. For on this day of dereliction and desolation it is appropriate not to celebrate what he wrought by the resurrection. We are not there yet, Easter is two days off and although we know what happens then we deliberately put it out of mind.

We read all three passages from the Bible set for today to focus our minds on how Jesus’ sacrifice fits into the salvation history of Israel. Isaiah talks about the Servant of God who suffers for the nation. The letter to the Hebrews helps us understand what Jesus achieved through his death. The Gospel reading takes again to Calvary and the cross.

As we pray through the service we offer ourselves to him in all our failings and frailty.

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