Mission Action Planning

Mission Action Planning is as a process to help churches develop a clear strategy for progressing God’s plan. The new resources are designed to help churches at all levels – parishes, teams, deaneries – discern what God is calling them to be, and plan activities over months or years to achieve their vision.

Our MAP was signed off by our PCC in November 2018

Key priorities were:

1. Improving best practice- the church in its current format

2. Church and Community

3. Communications

4. Spirituality

5. Engaging other people (from Dec 2019)

6. Church Leadership (from Dec 2019)

2020 MAP Plan working towards…

Worship, Ministry and Mission

Facing up: Worship – that our worship is the best we can offer, with a depth, breadth and joy within it that attracts and feeds the soul  –  this picks up priority 1

Facing Outwards: Mission – that we are always focused outwards, our doors open wider, particularly to welcome the younger, and those not yet part of God’s family – concerned for, involved with and rooted in our wider communities – this broadly develops priority 2 and also priority 5

Looking within: Growing in faith and spirit – encouraging all church members young and older to grow in their faith, in understanding, prayer, commitment and calling. Without an inner spirituality, we will lack strength and love  – this picks up priority 4 but also priority 6

Effective, Sustained, and Established

Good Governance and Management – including communications and records (Priority 3 has seen a lot of work in the last year)

Boosting Finance and Resources – Increasing income and giving, and seeing new people taking on key roles. (This is not to ignore how many people do give generously of time and/or of money for the churches.)

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Mission Statement

# We aspire to be a worshipping, growing and transforming Christian presence at the heart of our community

# With our partners we are committed to the flourishing of our Christian churches and our communities

# We seek to share the love of God with all, excluding no-one, responding to need and celebrating what is good

# Our core values which shape all our actions and activity are grace, mercy and peace