As we emerge from lockdown and have realised the value of gardens, of outdoor activity and socialising, so we are delighted with the improvements and developments in the St Anne’s Churchyard, which have been made possible with a generous grant from the National Lottery Community Fund and other donations. |

Garden of Remembrance / Memorial Garden – update 2nd Apr 2021

The Garden is an important place for many families and for our local community. It was first planted 30 years ago, and we are aware that the soil had deteriorated, and the Garden would benefit from a complete refresh.

You will have noticed that we have removed the saplings which had grown up and were casting unhelpful shade, and we have also smoothed out the entrance and pathways, where tree roots had damaged the flag-stones. We have also brought in four tons of new soil which will be spread in the coming weeks.

We have asked Sue Jeffries, a local horticulturalist to help us with a plan for a replanting of the whole garden, but without disturbing the interred ashes.

We will be keeping the majority of the shrubs between the Garden and the Churchyard, but we hope to bring more colour and more year-round colour into the Garden.

The whole project will take us up to three years, but we want to start on the central bed this spring.

Some of the initial cost has been met by the National Lottery Community Fund Grant for which we are very grateful – this has provided the access for all. We hope to attract further grants to help towards the cost of the refurbishment and replanting; Donations towards new plants can be made, and offers of help to do the work in the Garden will be very gratefully received. The cost of soil, plants shrubs etc is likely to be in the region of £2500, another reason why the work will be spread out over a longer period.

For further information do ask Michael Arundel, come and find out on a Saturday morning, or send us a message.

Garden of Remembrance – update 26th Mar 2021

With the help of a Grant from the National Lottery Community Fund, we have been able to flatten and smooth out the paths in and into the Garden of Remembrance, making it much more accessible for all.

Phase 2 of the development is to bring the garden back to year-round colour. We are looking at a new planting scheme, first for the central bed and – we hope – then in the next year or so, for the outer beds.

The garden is a significant village feature – it is first and foremost a place to remember, but it is also part of the entrance to the village and very visible to those walking past. We want it to look good and we hope that the project will draw people in who will benefit from the work, and feel they are a part of it.

We will not be disturbing the interred ashes and we will not be destroying the roses that are flourishing. However in the central bed, after many years, and because of the poor soil, the current roses are not doing well, and we are advised we should change the plants to something different.

This will not all happen overnight; the saplings and weeded trees need to come out; the soil needs improving and then we can start planting.

Thank you to all who are helping; and we are thrilled that the allotments are already being planted out. Photos coming soon…

Allotment Project

From what was waste ground we now have 32 allotments, all taken by local residents, and a community is growing up around them – we are planning a shared table, and we hope some storage. Composting space is available for the waste from the allotments. The grant has paid for the clearing of the ground and much of the preparation of the allotment beds.

This is what the waste land looked like before it was repurposed into allotments…

Garden of Remembrance Project

Nearer the road, we have been able to flatten the paving stones and make the paths into and around the Garden of Remembrance suitable and with safe access for all. The grant has gone towards this work, and we are now hoping to make the garden more colourful and flower-ful all year round, and we hope others will join us in caring for it. This replanting will be the next phase of work in this area, and we have sought advice and plans on how it might look.

This is what the entrance to the Garden of Remembrance looked like before…

Lawn Mower Fundraising

We are also looking to buy a ride-on mower – this is something that has been out of our price-range till now, but with generous donations of £425 so far and money from the grant this will be possible and will enable us to keep the grass cut and neat. The generosity of many and the significant grant from the Community Fund have helped us begin to transform the church-yard and – we hope – make it a place where people will gather, socialise and be involved.

A Future Community

As we are allowed back to meet and socialise we hope to encourage new people to come and join us – we benefit from having the church-yard kept well, in all its aspects, formal garden, grass, woodland and wild-flowers, the community benefits from the beauty of the church yard which is used by so many and where so many have loved ones buried, and individuals benefit from the fresh-air, the exercise, the creativity and the social.

Connecting with each other through Technology

We will also, with the help of the Grant, be offering training in the use of iPads and Android tablets, so that older people can feel more confident in accessing social media, and connecting with family and friends. These last two elements will begin as we are able to meet more freely.

Grateful Thanks

We are grateful to the National Lottery Community Fund and to those who have donated and contributed, and to those who already do so much to help keep the churchyard so beautifully. We hope to see wild-flowers grow, vegetables flourish and formal flower-beds blossom, and we also want to keep some of the woodland scrubs as a haven for insects and other wild-life.

We will share photos as our projects develop so please keep checking in.