Good News” – that was the message of the angels to Mary and to shepherds in very troubled times.

Peace” – that was the content of the good news, and how much we yearn for peace and stability today. In the next few days, we will know what our future relationship with Europe will be, but whatever it is, there will be significant and wide-scale disruptions.

In the coming weeks, some will receive their vaccinations and will feel more hopeful, but others will be hospitalised, and families will be anxious. We plan for what we think we can do over Christmas, but we are unsure.

The good news of God and the offer of peace are for a troubled world, now as they were then, but they are not a magic wand. Things did not improve overnight when Jesus was born, but at a deeper level they did; the Christ had come into the world to open up the way through. In the difficulties, we can find God’s gift of peace and we can share it, just as we can have hope and share that hope. May we live as those who radiate the Kingdom in advance of its fulfilment, people of hope, peace and joy.

If hope is the assurance of God’s promise for the future, then peace is the assurance of God’s presence in the here and now.

This Christmas is going to be different but we will celebrate with joy –

Dec 20th         Online Carol Service from the Team – YouTube and Facebook from 8.00am

Dec 20th 4:30 pm Edgworth Christmas Celebration – @ Edgworth Cricket Ground where we can gather safely and sing carols. The themes of this will be Joy, Peace and Celebration. Do come, wrap up warm, bring torches and lights. it will be a shared event with the Methodist Church and the Barlow. It will be different but please make it good.

Christmas Eve   11.30 pm           Midnight Communion – @ St Anne’s

Christmas Day 10.00 am           Holy Communion – @ St James’

Dec 27th         11.00 am           Holy Communion – @ St Anne’s

People are finding ways to share their Christmas decorations “outside” through windows, hung outside, on bushes online. We are thinking of how better we can share. Our churches likewise will be looking to share outwards so inside will look different. We are facing up and facing outwards.