Palm Sunday 2022

If you are here then you have received our gift of wild flowers to scatter on Palm Sunday.  There is a plan to walk from St James to St Anne’s and all details are below.

Please walk with us, and let us walk with you.


  • St James’ Church, Blackburn Rd, Edgworth (gathering on car park before procession).
  • Walking via Blackburn Rd, Isherwood Fold, Horrocks Fold, crossing field to Harbour Lane and on to Bolton Rd.
  • Continuing along Bolton Rd then turning right and entering car park to the side of Black Bull.
  • Following footpath across the Embankment Dam (United Utilities land), onto Embankment Rd, then Greens Arms Road and High Street, Chapeltown,
  • Entering grounds at St Anne’s Church, Turton.


  • Brief service at St James’, Edgowrth beginning at 10.00 am, followed by;
  • 10.15 am the walk to St Anne’s, Chapeltown (procession pauses along the route for moments of reflection).
  • The procession arrives c. 11.15 am, Service continues at St Anne’s (the service at
  • St Anne’s service having already begun at 10.30 am).
  • Hot Cross Buns following the Service at St Anne’s.