Thank you

Thank You and Please

Thank you to all who have been so generous in giving to Refugee Families, providing much needed things for them to set up their homes in this country.

May I ask, you to see if you have anything that you might be able to give for the children of these families, maybe some festive clothes so they can dress up a but, or something that they would like to receive as a present.

We are currently in touch with families with children of the following ages

8 Girls  Ages 6 months, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12 and 13

4 Boys  Ages 1, 12 ,13 and 14

If you would like to give them something, please could you wrap it, and put a label to say whether for a boy and / or girl and the age it would be appropriate for. We will make sure the presents go to the families.

It would be lovely if your label could say “With love from your friends in St X Church” or somesuch.

Thank you, and we know there are many other charities who distribute toys to needy children, and to which church people have generously given.

Church Opening during the current restrictions

St Anne’s will be open on Sunday mornings and Wednesday mornings between 10.00 am and 11.00 am for private prayer. If you would like to come and sit, pray, be silent, please do come at this time. Please bring a Bible and/or Prayer Book if you would like to.


The Christingle Service is planned for December 6th at 4.30pm at St James’. If you have not already done so please let Barbara Kenny know if you would like a kit to help make your Christingle – we all need to bring our own this year for obvious reasons. If you have a spare we will pass it on afterwards to a Home where it will be appreciated.

It won’t be the same as previous years – it can’t be – but we hope it will be a chance to celebrate, pray, gather and reflect. We remember and support the work of the Children’s Society at this service.

Advent Acts of Kindness

There is a simple Advent Acts of Kindness – one act of Kindness for each day up until Christmas Day. Why not give it a go, and if you can’t do the one on the list come up with a different one instead. Rather than waiting for Christmas here is a chance to do something each day!

Advent – Preparing the mind

This year, because we cannot gather, we are offering a four week Advent Course you can do in your homes. Each day there is a reading / reflection helping us learn more about the Bible, how to read it, what it says about Jesus, and what this means to us.

You can find the resources for the first week on our website and a link will go out on Facebook and Twitter to remind you. We have called it “An Advent Symphony” as it builds up to a crescendo as we see Jesus as the fulfilment of Scripture, of God’s Plan, the Word become Flesh.

Find the first sessions here >>>