Christingle – Sunday 6th Dec –  St James 4.30pm

Please bring your Christingle (and a pen or something to write with). We have arranged the seating for safe distancing to be maintained. While we cannot sing, and we have to refrain from mingling afterwards, we pray that the service will be an enjoyable and spiritual time, a chance to be thankful for what we have, and to remember the work of the Children’s Society which we support through this service.

Please send in pictures of your Christingles, and your Advent wreaths so we can share them and encourage each other


Our themes of Faith, Hope, Peace, and Joy through Advent come together at Christmas in Love. we will celebrate Christmas but it will be different and it will be more “modest” or quieter – and some will miss the full-works but it does give us a chance to think differently and maybe discover the peace of God in a deeper way.

Thank you / Please

Thank you to those who have given or promised presents for Refugee Families, and thank you to all who have supported the GrubTub and Urban Outreach or given toys to Fortalice and other charities. The level of need in parts of Bolton, Bury, Blackburn and Darwen is high, and the recent retail closures will only have made things much worse for many families

If you have new or as-new toys you could give for children to open at Christmas please let Peter know, or leave them at the Vicarage where we will make sure they are distributed to families.

Thank you too to all who have contributed kitchen things – we have enough for the next couple of families who are due to move into their accommodation fairly soon we hope. This will make such a difference, and it means so much to them, that people want to help them.

Advent Course – An Advent Symphony

A four week course with daily readings which you can find on the website. A chance to think a bit more about our faith, what it means, what the Bible is about, and who is this Jesus who we worship and why? Why not make time each day with a cup of tea of coffee to read and then reflect, and please bring back questions and challenges.

If you missed week 1 you can find it easily on the website. You can even binge-read several days at once if you prefer!


The PCC meets on Tuesday – please pray for us as we make the decisions and plan for the future.