Update on Church Closures

Because of the current Covid-crisis, the high levels of infection, the unknown factors in the transmission of the new variant and the call to restrict going out to essential reasons only, the Church Council and Vicar have decided that services at St Anne’s and St James’ should be suspended. This is not how we want to start the New Year, but we believe it is the responsible and community-focused thing to do.

We will look at how we can increase our support, pastoral and spiritual to those who need it, and we are looking at how we can make our services as safe as possible for when we can start worshipping together again.

While the buildings may be closed to public worship, we can pray, we can share worship online, we can encourage and support each other and our neighbours.

Please get in touch if there is anything you need; please share any ideas you may have for how we can help each other at this time; please continue to pray for our communities and especially those who are struggling, for those whose work is even harder at the moment, and for those whose work is at risk. May the Good Shepherd guide and guard the flock and seek out the lost, and bring home the strays and the wounded.