Easter continues – the event of the resurrection is celebrated but the truth of the resurrection remains; The event – God raised him from the tomb; the ongoing result – God, the God of life, is with us.

And the impact of the virus also continues for now, and we have to live with it. School should be starting again, but it isn’t. People should have been celebrating in our pubs and restaurants, but they weren’t. We should be going back to work, and we are not (in many cases). Family and/or friends or people we know are sick, some gravely ill.

It may feel like Easter didn’t work this year, even though we tried hard.

As we have reflected in recent weeks, this situation is not one with an instant remedy. It is a tragedy causing suffering, and it is a challenge to our modern highly integrated way of life – everything can get passed on quicker.  In worldly terms, the resurrection did not make things fine for the disciples, but it gave them the assurance of God with them, and God’s promises to be made sure, in their circumstances. 

In a tragic crisis, let us continue to help each other, encourage each other, and support each other. If people need help, please call us and we will do what we can.
Let us continue to pray, and particularly:

  • for those whose work puts them at risk, 
  • for those who are most isolated
  • for families and children struggling 
  • for those without money
  • for our wonderful Health Service workers and Care workers
  • for the sick and their families
  • for the dying and those who grieve

 Prayer is hard work but brings us closer to the heartbeat of God

And let us pray with hope for a time when our school is full of children again, our pubs and shops and community spaces bustle, we can shake hands and hug, we can worship together, we can do what communities should do and be together.

We will be sending service resources to those who are not on the internet and they will be available too on our website. Services will also be available on the Youtube Channel and Facebook each Sunday, along with ideas for families and readings and resources. Please keep in touch.

May God guide us, guard us and lead us at this time, Peter