And so we prepare for longer in separation and – that word we never knew existed – ‘distancing’. There are some funny memes and jokes going around including one of police arresting Jesus on Easter Day for breaking his isolation by coming out of the tomb.

But in all honesty, there is not much fun or humour in all this, and our hospitals are getting ever fuller, and our Funeral Directors busier and busier.

It is over a month since we were locked down, though our “lock-down” is not as severe as in many countries, nor are our conditions in this area as hard as for many who live in populated areas, or overcrowded streets.

If you are getting this newsletter you are one of the majority on the internet, but there are those who do not “do internet”. We have sent Sunday reflections out in the post but please do ring friends, neighbours and keep in touch, and please let us know if you know people who would value a posted set of prayers and reflections.

May we share joy and joys, and encourage and support each other at this time.
 We pray for…

Perseverance when we are struggling
Guidance when we feel lost
Direction when we feel adrift
Hope when we feel despair and
Peace in all our anxieties.

All these are gifts of God by his Spirit,
and in the risen Jesus