We are entering difficult and uncertain times and not too sure how long this turmoil will last.

The Archbishops have taken the serious decision to suspend all public worship which means, for the time being, there are no services at St Anne’s or St James, nor in other parishes.

This is particularly sad given we are approaching Easter, but while it is right to not gather to worship, we must not lose contact with God – we can pray, we can know his presence, we can read our Bible and we can enjoy our treasured hymns and songs, whether singing them quietly to ourselves or listening to them in whatever way.

We will be offering prayers and resources via the website and on our newsletter which we plan to send twice a week.

Please pray for all who are affected, and for all who are worried.
Please pray for our health workers and care-workers and also for those who have to make the big decisions
Please pray for neighbours and parishioners and those we see in Church as we keep our sense of unity despite the lack of gathering

Let’s see what we can do to help others; it may feel very little but a positive word, a phone call to check how someone is, the offer of help, the practical doing of a task – all that can make a difference for good, especially when the news seems bleak.

Lent is traditionally a time of testing – but also of discovering the love and reality of God. 

May we continue to know God’s peace in these difficult and strange times;
May we have hope in God despite the uncertainty, a hope which is real, not escapist;
May we know his presence with us, even if it feels more of a wilderness we are in.
God’s people were in wildernesses and exiles before and that is where they had some of their deepest encounters with God.
But let us also hold on to our Easter Faith, that God is the God of Life and Resurrection.

Please keep an eye on our newsletters and website; please pass on this information to friends who don’t have access to the internet. 

Peter, Team Rector, Nikki and Simon, Church Wardens.

Coronavirus Latest Update Letter

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Public worship is currently suspended; 
Prayer still working!

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