Good News – Church re-opening for Prayer

As we head past the “longest day” of the year this Sunday, and as we hope schools can begin to re-gather, so we are also able to open our churches for private prayer, for individuals to come and pray.

We will be opening St Anne’s Church on a Wednesday from 10.00 am till midday, and you are welcome to come and sit and pray and be still in the church.

We have had to put in place the sort of restrictions you would expect and we want to offer the first hour of being open to those who are older and so more vulnerable.

Please bring a prayer book and or a Bible, or you might want to print off the Prayer Resources from the website – we are not able to provide books or papers in the church. Unfortunately, we are not able to use the votive stand for lighting candles, but there will be a lit candle at the front of church.

We are aware that there are people who would like to come and remember loved ones, whether those that have died recently or those who we remember each year at this time. 

We would value feedback on whether you would like either church building open at a different time. We want to offer what is wanted, but we also have to look at how we could do it and keep everyone safe.

Please do come and pray if you would like to, but please be sensitive to others; we do recommend that you wear a mask at least when you are coming in and going out of the building for your own sake and the sake of others.

Thank you to those who have offered clothes for Refugee Families and Thank you to those who have continued to contribute to Urban Outreach and who have helped fill the GrubTub.

Thank you also to those who have continued to give to the work of the Parish – a letter is attached by this link >>>

Please do feedback any comments or prayer requests; please do contribute ideas to our shared services.

May God continue to bless us and watch over us, as we begin to “open”
May God give peace to the anxious and those who hurt in body mind or soul
May we seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness.