May Day – this year May Day feels like a cry for help not the day to party and dance and enjoy life.

We enter another month with restrictions and distancing, and more families are affected through illness or economic uncertainty or loss. Our children are missing out on their education although teachers are making heroic efforts to provide resources. Our most vulnerable are ever more vulnerable in the Care Homes around the country, and our Health and Care workers are getting more and more tired.

Lots of other people are getting on with their work as best they can and to help others.

We are still in the Easter season for church but we are not in the church buildings, nor – for some – does it feel much like Easter, especially now the temperature has dropped and the clouds are covering the sun.

Some of us are getting “used” to the restrictions, and some finding it ever harder.

The theme for this next week is no longer the Resurrection appearances but Jesus the Good Shepherd.

As in past weeks, there will be a recorded service on FaceBook, the website and YouTube from 9.00 am. Please do comment and respond – we do want to have interaction despite the difficulties. There will also be a Worship at Home service on the Team website.

Please send in any art-work or pictures or things you have made around the theme of the good Shepherd which we can share.