As we continue with the restrictions, which are more severe for some than for others, because of their situations, we need to find resilience, patience and inner strength but we will also need to find hope and positivity.

This Sunday we have thought a bit about hope. Hope is best expressed however in actions and in attitude. Hopeful and positive people who get involved transform situations and raise our spirits.

Along with the Sunday service, there is also a short(ish) reflection on “Hope” which is on the Youtube channel  as well as the Facebook Page. We trust you find it helpful but please do comment and respond.

 In our prayers this week we continue to pray for our hospitals and GPs, our nurses and Care Homes and all who work to support the sick and vulnerable.

We pray for our school children and for students, especially those who are anxious and struggling.

We pray for those who work in our shops and supplying food and medicines.

We pray for our neighbours and our communities, and for our Councils and their leaders.

We pray for those we know who grieve for friends or family members


We pray for

Perseverance when we are struggling

Guidance when we feel lost

Direction when we feel adrift

Hope when we feel despair and

Peace in all our anxieties.

All these are gifts of God by his Spirit, and in the risen Jesus