Yesterday was Ascension Day, when we remember Jesus ascending to glory – the end of his bodily resurrection appearances, and on Sunday week we celebrate Pentecost, or Whit-Sunday as some of us remember it, when we recall the Holy Spirit coming on the disciples in tongues of fire.

The church colours move out of white (Easter season) to red for Pentecost and then to green for what is called Ordinary Time.

Easter has not really “happened” for us as an event this year, just as several people have not had the parties and celebrations they would have wanted. Within the church family and across our parishes there have been birthdays and wedding anniversaries, as well as memorial dates and funerals.

It is difficult to know how to pitch “hope”. Some of us are less damaged by the effects of this virus than others. Some things are ruined beyond repair, whether livelihoods, or opportunities, or celebrating/remembering at fixed points. We have not been able to grieve as we would like or see sick family and friends; some have missed out on critical months of social development or recovery, or are enduring extra months of pain from delayed operations.

God is a God of resurrection and can save even that which is destroyed or dies. The Ascension is a sign of his glorious future, and we are – incredibly – invited to be a part of that. In the meantime, we care and we encourage, we pray and we do what we can. For ourselves and for others we pray we will see a glimpse of God’s glory