Spring comes ever faster and the trees and bushes are going green at a rapid rate. The world seems to be smiling yet we are kept apart and our economy gets ever worse, affecting more and more people. And the effects of the virus are seen more and more in people we know who are getting sick or who have died.

We try and find ways to manage and to explain to children but we ourselves don’t really know or understand. Some of us have found it easier to find good things – reconnecting with people even if only on the phone or by email or Facebook, enjoying birdsong, having more time at home, clearing out some rubbish or whatever – but others are finding it harder and harder.

Meanwhile, health workers and care-workers are getting more tired, and pressures are building on many people in different ways. And there are those not so far from us who are now struggling with money, wondering if they have enough for food; there are the homeless and those who feel trapped in their home.

Prayer is best when we can find those things to give thanks for, and when we give time to pray for those in need, at risk, who struggle. We can pray for our own families and friends, and we can include those we don’t know but know of, whether the homeless, or the sick, or the nurses etc. We don’t have to use fancy words or long sentences,

“God bless …”  is sufficient. And in praying we may find we discover a deeper peace, and a bit of time just to stop/pause and check-in with God.

We pray for

Perseverance when we are struggling

Guidance when we feel lost

Direction when we feel adrift

Hope when we feel despair and

Peace in all our anxieties.

All these are gifts of God by his Spirit, and in the risen Jesus