Things are not right at the moment – not right at all for human flourishing. For most of us, this is a new and unnerving experience especially with the ‘news’ that there are many more months to go, though many of us suspected this some time ago. We want things to be better and we even expect that things should get better – we have got used to technological solutions to problems and this problem does not seem to be getting solved and so our lifestyles are affected. We should reflect how fortunate we are and have been to have (most of us) lived lives which have not been so affected.

Please continue to pray for the children in our schools who are trying to make sense of what the adults are doing and imposing, and pray for the staff and teachers. As we, as a church, face a significant financial shortfall, please pray for our future but also remember the local businesses which are also struggling, and all whose own livelihoods or jobs are threatened.

Our gospel is about our God who comes and lives our life – Jesus did not live a privileged and protected life but shared a troubled world and the limitations and hardships. God with us and God for us and God’s promised Kingdom to work for long for and wait for.

We have adapted our post-communion prayer to add the lines: “we thank you that when we are still away from home, you are here with us”. We need to trust that God is with us in the difficulty, uncertainty, restriction and anxiety, but not as the ultimate problem-solver who will make it go away. That is what many of us find hard – we want God to sort it now. And some are going under, and some are grieving – Why hasn’t God helped/stepped in? These questions echo through the Old Testament in particular – and there is no simple answer. The Eucharist which we share and the Resurrection which we affirm are two anchor points. In God’s economy, he can bring life and hope even through death. Our human life is only mortal and finite – our dream may be to be immortal and invincible but it won’t happen! But we can discover God with us in our life, and know he promises to take our life up into His life.

May we hold onto God, and know God holds onto us.

Annual Meeting

  • Please pray for those who have been doing so much for our parish – Thank God for them and please thank them
  • Please pray what you might offer – Ask God and then please ask how you can help
  • Please pray for those who will be appointed to take on key roles in our churches – and continue to pray for them in the coming year which is not going to be easy or comfortable

If you normally do a report for the APCM please make sure that you have sent it to Ross Heron by email by October 15th – it will then go on the website as part of the Annual Report Folder. We do not want to be printing more paper than is absolutely necessary, especially with the COVID-requirements.


It looks as if we are going to be living with restrictions until Easter or after – some have lived with difficulties for much longer periods of time but it will not be easy. And the restrictions and rules are probably going to change (maybe several times) in the coming weeks. We will continue to open the churches as wide as we can, and to keep to the COVID-requirements, and to explore new and positive ways in which we can remember and celebrate and worship.

Rev’d Peter Reiss: 25th Sept 2020