Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Keeping in touch when we are separated

This week seems to be going very slowly and some of us are not even sure which day of the week it is always. So many of our usual markers have been taken away. And each day brings further changes and challenges.  And outside all the while the sun is shining and the sky is blue as if nothing is wrong. 

Please do keep in touch by phone or social media with friends and neighbours, and please keep an eye out for those who may be struggling. 

Families can share ideas on how to keep children interested and exercised in body and mind; neighbours can check if each other is ok. We can help by listening and lifting each other’s spirits.

Do share the prayers which are on our Facebook Page, link here >>>

And do link up to the short Sunday service which we hope to stream at 11.00 am this Sunday, either from the church if we are allowed, or from the vicarage, and do please then comment and add your prayers and make it more interactive. Please add a short prayer of your own, even if it is rather the same as someone else’s. We can encourage one another in our prayers.

We hope there will be new ideas for Holy Week and Easter next week, and ways in which we can celebrate this special time, even if we can’t get to church or gather. 

One of the things I am missing is the chance to sing hymns together. There are lots of good videos of your favourite hymns on YouTube. Why not find a couple of your favourite hymns and listen to them and even join in. It will lift your spirits.

May God guide us and guard us through these uncertain times,

May Christ give us hope and strength,

May his Holy Spirit bless us, our homes and our loved ones with his peace.