So we reach the end of another month, the end of the Easter season and still, we are distanced and still, we are uncertain of the future.

This Sunday is Pentecost, or Whit-Sunday as it used to be known in this country, probably linked to women wearing white for baptisms. The church is normally set in red rather than white, as red is the colour for the Holy Spirit (linked to fire).

The Holy Spirit is also linked with breath and wind. Where breathing on others at the moment is dangerous, God’s Spirit is a life-giving breath. The wind is something we cannot control, though we can harness the power. We cannot control or bottle God’s Spirit, or tell him where to go or when, but we can learn to be strong(er) in God, and to trust and to seek God’s guidance in the uncertainties of today.

The Spirit also is a sign of promise, we are signed at baptism with the Spirit as a foretaste and a guarantee, a seal of God’s future promise.
So even if we are unable to gather we can seek God’s Spirit and receive God’s Spirit.

Holy Spirit, new-life Giver,
Rushing Wind and gentle inner flame,
Come inspire us, strengthen fire us,
To the glory of your name