Holy Week and Easter – How we can celebrate as families even if we can’t be in church

In the last newsletter, we listed some online resources you might like to look at. They are provided again below.

The Diocese has provided a Facebook Page with lots of ideas – why not look – try something that looks good to you – and then please post it to our Facebook Page so others can share and be encouraged.

The Church of England is providing national resources and links to key services which are being streamed from various places

  • Families may want to make their own Easter Garden, or a Good Friday picture or sculpture. Please send in pictures for us all to enjoy.
  • Some may want to share a set of simple meals with bread and wine (or grape juice) for Maundy Thursday, Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday and Easter Eggs – the hollow egg can be a sign of the empty tomb for Easter Sunday. As you share these meals, read or share together the part of the Bible story that relates and say a prayer together. 
  • We would like to get as many people as possible making an Easter tomb / Resurrection video using just your hand and your imagination. A very simple version is on the Facebook Page for you to see and improve on! There are also “instructions” on how to then send your video in. We hope we can combine all the videos together so we have a congregation of hands all celebrating the Resurrection.