We are now into Holy Week and another week of physical isolation and separation. Some are finding it harder than others, and some are more isolated than others. The Holy Week story and even the Easter story is not some otherworldly escape; it is about our mortality – it focuses on the death of Jesus; it is about human sin and violence – it tells of the brutality of the crucifixion, but also the failure of the disciples to support; some of the events are very public, and others are located in an upper room.

I think we will find the story almost too real – as we find the daily headline is how many have died, and as we discover from our friends and networks that people we know are ill or have died – we will focus on the death of Jesus. This year we cannot avoid the difficult truth and reality but we may find it gives us a deeper and more profound understanding of the truth and reality of the Resurrection.

Let us support each other and encourage each other, and watch out for each other in the coming days.
The rainbow is becoming a national sign at this time, and some will find comfort in the song “Somewhere, over the rainbow”. But the reason the rainbow is used as a sign of hope is because it is given as a sign of hope after the deluge in the story of Noah. The rainbow then, and the Resurrection later, the sign and the reality of God’s promise to us.

Please do share your thoughts and reflections this Holy Week on our Facebook Page.

We hope young and older are going to send in short videos of the “Easter Tomb / Resurrection” as done with our hand – please be imaginative and creative. See the video link here >>> if you are not sure.

There will be services on Facebook and YouTube for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, which will include prayers music and reflections for this time; St Maxentius has also prepared scripts for the more traditional services for us to use in our homes, with the readings and prayers for each day. You can find these below…

Maundy Thursday Worship at Home >>>  

Good Friday Worship at Home >>>

We hope that these will complement the services on Facebook and YouTube.
Resources for Holy Week
Susan Pilkington has found some YouTube links from the “Jesus” film. You might like to watch these as we go through Holy Week

Jesus turning the tables over in the temple
Parable of the tenants
Jesus at Gethsemane 
There is also a version of the well-known hymn, “When I survey the wondrous cross” to a different tune which you might like to listen to.
A wonderful version of When I Survey
Do look on YouTube to find versions of your favourite Easter music and hymns, and why not share your favourites so we can enjoy them too?Areas of our Parish website, we think you might enjoy during Holy Week are below…Latest Virtual Service ~ Palm Sunday >>>Reflections for each day of Holy Week >>>Easter in Isolation >>>