A Reflection for after Epiphany

They returned by a different way..”

The Magi, having given their gifts and worshipped Jesus, left and returned by a different way. For us, as Christmas ends, we also have to learn to do things in a ‘different way’, to keep going through these strange times.

I suspect that their return journey was very different from their outward journey – on the outward journey there was a sense of adventure and uncertainty – what would they find? would the journey prove pointless? And on the return, did they wonder if they had been privileged to be part of something special, and / or did they begin to wonder if they had imagined it and done something ridiculous. And gradually, maybe, as they got further so the memories might fade, or did they treasure the memories as they had kept safe the gifts on the outward journey.

We don’t know what happened to the Magi on their return; but we can check what happens to us, even as we have to return a different way, live things out differently. I suspect the Magi supported and encouraged each other – they were not on their own. I hope we can support and encourage each other on our journeys, and keep an eye out for those who are more alone.

We, each and together, have a journey to continue – hopefully, it is a journey where we can look back with joy on times of great celebration of faith, as well as travel on – a journey in faith for what lies ahead. Hopefully, we remain forward-looking and outward-concerned.

Rev’d Peter Reiss: 8th Jan 2021